Notary Public is an authority authorized by the state government. Notary Public is an authorized official who performs notarization of documents and witnessing affidavits and statement of a person while taking Oath. Notarization ensures the validity of the documents. So, it is important to notarize the documents.

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Document Notarization

A notarized document is stamped or sealed to demonstrate that the respective document is legitimate.  

Types of Notarized documents

1. Income Affidavit 

2. Affidavit

3. Signature Acknowledgment  

4. License Affidavit and vehicle affidavits 

5. Power of Attorney or Wills 

6. Authentication of the Government Officials’ Signatures 

7. Affidavit that you are lawfully allowed to work

Notarize a Document: Process

• Attestation of signature
• Documents certification
• Attestation of individual’s photographs
• Attestation of personal address
• Administrating an Oath and confirmation
• Verification of date of birth
• Testimony and Oath and confirmation (Affidavit)
• Certified Correct Translation, and so forth,

Documents required in Notarization Process

• Official ID with photograph attached on it;
• Complete documents with name, birthplace, and birth date mentioned.
• Documents need authorization. Under witnesses of notary public, document is notarized.

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