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Top-Reasons Why Gel Polish Is Better Choice For Your Nails

When it comes to nail art, gel polish is always a better choice. You always have hundreds of color choices from Hipsterr. The choices are simply endless and new shades are introduced very often.

Long-lasting color

Everyone loves variations and this is one of the benefits of gel polish. You can select any color from a collection of thousands. The polish has No Sticky Top Coat and will dry out easily leaving a long-lasting color impression.

Each shade has a special gel base coat that preserves the color on your nail for days.

Best protection

If you apply gel polish then your nails are well protected. Each gel polish will have a Clear Base Coat that offers the best protection to nails against UV rays.

The coating will always act as a protective barrier against pollutants and dirt. The clear base coat will also strengthen the nails.

Quick dry

Liquid nail polish will always take a lot of time to dry. The Gel Base Coat will dry within a few seconds. This leaves the natural color of the gel polish on the nails.

You can expect the no sticky top coat to maintain its natural shine for days.

You can also experiment with chrome shades in silver and gold. You can combine two or more shades as each one will dry quickly.

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