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The Benefits of Using a Polyethylene film

A carpets protection film is a highly useful and important product. It is a protective film, Polyethylene film that offers temporary protection for all kinds of carpets. These films are use for floor protection against all kinds of damages. Like flooding, abrasion, spraying, painting, stages set up and exhibition. Carpet protection films come with non-slip attributes for the safety of the users. These films are highly resistant to tears and punctures and work great at protecting the flooring. Using these films is also a very easy thing to do. You just need to cover the carpet with this protective film. Before starting with a job and once the job is complete you can remove the film easily.

carpets protection film

Take for example, if you want to work on your home renovation assignment without taking professional assistance. You can use the polyethylene film for the protection of your flooring. Since there are many things that can damage the flooring of your house. It works to use these protective films that protect the carpet from foot traffic, dirt and spills. Going for this film is not a major investment and it even saves you from spending a huge amount of money that goes into carpet replacement.

Our specially designed films are use to protect the full range of carpet applications including exhibition halls, in the home as well as thermoformed moulded carpets produced for the automotive industry.
Disposal of the film is just as easy. When the film is lifted the carpet is cleaned as the adhesive system takes away any dust or debris from the apply surface, the film is dispose of taking with it all rubbish and waste without any special disposal requirements .

PE Protective Film For Carpets

Our films are also use during renovation work for covering flooring in commercial, industrial and domestic situations alongside nautical construction and the aerospace industry.