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Ideal Applications of a stepper motor 1.8 degree

A small stepper motor is one of the greatest ways of getting things moving. specifically when repeatability and positioning are important concerns. A small stepper motor 1.8 degree is ideal for applications where there is premium space available. Common applications of these motors include laboratory automation equipment. medical devices, surveillance equipment, 3D printers, pumps, camera controls and consumer electronics. Small stepper motors are low-cost and lightweight motors that offer around 22 oz-in of torque even at the lowest speeds. These motors operate with high step resolution and accuracy along with low noise and vibration. And you might not know that these are some of the most significant factors is varied applications.

cnc stepper motor kit

CNC stepper motor kit

With a CNC stepper motor kit, there is each part number available. As single or double shaft with customizations for OEM applications also available. There are even special cable assemblies, shaft modifications and connectors like thru-holes, flats and custom lengths also available. The small stepper motors available in the market are easily compatible with an assortment of stepper drives. That optimize speed and torque performance while offering accurate and smooth motion. All in all, it can be said that small stepper motors are more advantageous than the other. traditional varieties of stepper motors available in the market.

Three-phase 110 series Nema 42 hybrid stepping motor, the use of high-quality raw materials and high-specification permanent magnet silicon steel, with high positioning accuracy, output torque, fast response, low noise, good dynamic characteristics, quality and reliable. Motor length 134mm ~ 285mm between the torque range: 8N.m ~ 25N.m, motor shaft diameter 19mm.

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