Tempered glass panel are used for the safety of the glass or in other words the glass that is heat-treated to become four times firm and stronger with increased durability than the standard annealed glass. The clear tempered glass has another name toughened glass. In other words the thermal process cures the tempered glass and makes it heat resistant. Therefore the glass breaks into small and safe pieces don’t pose any sort of danger to the lives.

Tempered Glass Panel

The process of creating the tempered panel glass requires cutting it to the proper size and shape, then polishing and finishing the glass according to the specifications before it goes for the tempering process. After that cutting the glass it goes to the heating ovens and applies the high-pressure cooling treatment to complete the process and make it easier to use with the stamp if you like.

The tempered glass can be customize in different size, shape, thickness, and edge along with the color such as bronze or gray tempered glass. Tempered glass can be used in many things in and around your home such as
● Patio Tabletops.
● Indoor Tabletops.
● Glass Shelves.
● DIY Craft projects.
Microwave oven glass door.
● Offices.
● Greenhouses.
● Protecting antiques.

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