A 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine with three axes may mill in three separate directions: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

It can mill three-dimensional items quite easily because it has three axes.


To accomplish the milling operation, the 3-axis CNC Machine moves in three directions, or axes. The axes are referred to as the x, y, and z axes, and their names are derived from standard geometric constructions.

Each axis, like in basic geometry, denotes a direction, namely:

  • X-axis: Left to right and right to left movement
  • Y-axis: Direction of motion from the piece’s top to its bottom
  • Z-axis: An upward and downward motion that produces a depth of field and three-dimensional detail.
3 Axis CNC Milling Machine


In a nutshell, a 3-axis CNC machining has the following benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • compact in size
  • easily accessible
  • extremely adaptable

Additionally, the operator doesn’t have to move the work piece around as frequently.

HOW MUCH DOES A 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine COST?

Depending on the CNC Machine Manufacturer and mill’s size, the average CNC Machine Price is. The price may rise dramatically if you pay for more complex machine parts. if you buy a 3-axis CNC Machine Price with all the extras, training, and an extended warranty.

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