Whether you like playing the traditional poker game or prefer the most sophisticated live blackjacks. Baccarat or roulette, a reliable Malaysia live casino provides a wide assortment of Asian Live casino games. long with American and European gaming experiences. Some of the most common online games Malaysia available at a live online casino for perfecting your gaming adventure are as follows:

Malaysia Live Casino


An online casino Malaysia offers its players the scope to play Baccarat which is the oldest casino games that gained huge popularity because of its simplicity and solid odds. Dissimilar to the other favourites such as blackjack, that depend on planning, baccarat is more of a chance game in the world of live gambling casino. This game is perfect for any individual who does not like worrying about smart strategy and house rules.


Live roulette is another well-known video slot and casino game. It involves placing bets on black or red numbers and comes with several options like number groupings and odd. The rules of this game are simple and straightforward. And just like baccarat, it is also more of a chance game. There are even mathematical prediction charts available for helping the players get the basics of the game.

Other games available at a live casino in Malaysia include Sic Bo, Fan Tan, Dragon and Tiger and Blackjack.

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