Silicone O rings can be made through extrusion of silicone, such as those made by, an industry leader chinese silicone manufacturers offering a wide range of high-quality mechanical engineering components. In total as silicone tube suppliers offers huge ranges of items.

What is a silicone extrusion process?

When silicone is extrude, it is force through shape objects so that it can withstand pressure and become an O ring.

What is the use of silicone extrusion?

This is mainly because silicone extrusion products provide a variety of advantages over other products. These advantages include:

  1. They last for a long time
  2. Silicone extrusions come in a different colors
  3. They stand up to a wider variety of environmental conditions.
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Since silicone extrusions are very sensitive to shrinkage. The result is a product that is unreliable and does not meet the specification. Testing laboratories are use by to ensure the best quality is provide and to reduce these risks. Leader in the industry of silicone extrusion has established a global reputation as an industry leader in silicone extrusion. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge in rubber that has helped us become one of the leading rubber distributors in the world.

Quick delivery of silicone extrusion

We are leading silicone products manufacturer perform silicon extrusion in-house, so you can be assure that your rubber products will arrive within two weeks.

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